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Apes, Realism and Germans

Usually when you’re using GPS to get somewhere, if you take a different track the GPS makes a “Tiiin” sound and shifts quickly giving you new directions…

Unfortunately we don’t have the “Tiiin” sound in life and if we set a target, like having #Germany be a supper power; we either get their or blow it all up..


What if Germany was never ruled by #Hitler and there was no Jewish oppression, and massacres..

What if Albert #Einstein and Hans #Morgenthau never actually left Germany to USA ..

There may have been a chance that WWII was not inevitable after all..

There most probably won’t be Israel, because there would have been no post WWII settlements and Europe would have not been happy to get rid of the Jew..

All Cold war history would have disappeared and some countries might have really had a chance of developing freely

Germany would have become the hegemonic country when it fires the first nuclear bomb..

People would go the Germany to be taught International Affair not the US
Actually, the world would have been different ..

Thanks to the Dawn of the planet of Apes I kept comparing the American Cinema even in Cartoons and Animation to Realism theory; and guess what .. It’s a school it self

I had to re-check the founder of Realism’s name and personal life; which lead me to the ton of questions of which I tried to answer some..

If only Hitler was a bit sane..

I will just stop talking now; there is just too much “What if”s said already!



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